Vocational Program

Through our certified vocational and business training, we equip vulnerable young and single mothers who are challenged daily with making a liveable wage to support themselves and their children. We believe that by training and empowering these women, we are breaking the dependency cycle and giving them hope and dignity to thrive and become independent.
Vocational. Graduates
We offer training in various trades such as tailoring/fashion design, hairdressing/cosmetology, and soap/candle making, book making, etc. Our students have an opportunity to participate in trade specific internships with local businesses in the spring and fall. The internships give our students real world experience and help them secure jobs after graduation.
Our students have the privilege to join our Savings Program. This microfinance program was established in 2015.  It encourages our students to save money and build financial capacity, and  gives them access to credit to help start their businesses after graduation.  This program has seen tremendous success, and has grown to over 500 active members.