The Need

The Need Continues To Grow

Picture life without access to healthcare, affordable clean water, food, the platform to voice your rights, or the ability o provide opportunities for your children.

Namuwongo, a densely populated area in Uganda’s capital city of Kampala, is home to one of the most challenging slum environments in the country. With a population of over 40,000 people crammed into just 0.39 square kilometers (96 acres), the living conditions here are dire. Living standards are very poor, with most families living in a small, one room mud hut.  Crime is a pressing issue, with high rates of theft and violence plaguing the community. Overcrowded living spaces and limited economic opportunities push many residents towards criminal activities as a means of survival. The lack of adequate law enforcement and social services exacerbates these problems, leaving the community vulnerable to exploitation and insecurity.

Moreover, Namuwongo faces significant challenges related to public health. Access to clean water and sanitation facilities is severely limited, leading to widespread waterborne diseases and poor hygiene practices. The absence of proper sewage systems and waste disposal infrastructure contributes to these health issues.  Between houses are open muddy channels where waste water is flowing, rubbish is often discarded, and mosquitoes and rats live and breed. Poor sanitation, drainage systems and management of rubbish leads o frequent outbreaks of typhoid and cholera, add to the already high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, other STDs, malaria, malnutrition and tuberculosis.  Additionally, prostitution is prevalent in Namuwongo, driven by the economic hardships that residents face. This further compounds health concerns, as it contributes to the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Despite these daunting challenges, community organizations and NGOs are actively working to improve living conditions in Namuwongo, striving to provide essential services, education, and economic opportunities to its residents. Addressing the multifaceted issues of population density, crime, health, and sanitation remains a complex but essential task in order to uplift the lives of those living in this marginalized community.

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